Hot and Spicy Rice Recipes

Hot and Spicy Rice Recipes

Rice are the cornerstones of many cuisines and their unassertive taste lends itself to flavoring with mild or hot spices, or a mixture of both. Many of the classic rice dishes appear: Nasi Goreng, Chicken Jambalaya and Sushi, seasoned with the breathtaking wasabi paste.

  1. Coconut Rice

  2. Coconut and Ginger Rice

  3. Crispy Fried Rice Vermicelli - Mee Krob

  4. Fragrant Yellow Rice

  5. French Beans, Rice and Beef

  6. Hot Rice with Fresh Vegetables

  7. Hot Sour Chick Peas with Sweet Rice

  8. Lamb Brown Rice

  9. Louisiana Rice

  10. Masala Prawns and Rice

  11. Okra Fried Rice

  12. Paella

  13. Persian Rice with Tahdeeg

  14. Red Rice Rissoles

  15. Rice and Peppers

  16. Rice with Dill and Spicy Beans

  17. Saffron and Cardamom Rice

  18. Seafood Rice

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  1. Sesame Tuna Steaks with Nori Rice

  2. Spicy Fish and Rice

  3. Spicy Rice Cakes

  4. Spicy Rice with Chicken

  5. Sri Lankan Yellow Rice

  6. Stuffed Red Peppers with Basil Basmati Rice

  7. Sweet and Sour Rice

  8. Yogurt Chicken and Rice


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