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Fiery chilies can irritate the skin, so always wash your hands well after handling them and take care not to touch your eyes. If you like really hot, spicy food, then add the seeds from the chili, too.

Monday January 07, 2013

Chili peppers, in their many and varied forms, fresh and dried, are widely used in cooking throughout the world. Native to Central and South America, they were "discovered" in the 16th century by the Spanish conquistadores, who brought them back to Europe, from where they spread to the East.

In all their idiosyncratic guises, spices lend richness, heat and complexity to literally every food imaginable, it is impossible to conceive of a cuisine that does not benefit from unique and distinctive spicing. In fact, from the sun-drenched Caribbean to the deserts of the deserts of the Middle East, the dense jungles of Vietnam and Indonesia, the bustling sidewalk stalls of Thailand, the great plains of Africa, the crowded streets of Mexico, the spirited southwestern United States, "hot and spicy" defines good eating for millions of people who would not dream of consuming bland, unseasoned food when piquant delights are available at every turn.

Chilies are best known for being "hot", but in fact can also be quite subtle, bringing extra depth of flavor to dishes such as casseroles without making them at all fiery if you choose and use them with care. Remember that the smallest chilies tend to be the hottest, and if you wish to reduce the heat of any variety you can simply remove its seeds and, of course, use less of it. Chili products such as cayenne pepper and Tabasco sauce are extremely useful in the kitchen as only very small amounts can add a real zing to food. 

In Cincinnati, you can have chili just about any way you want it. Two-way bring it ladled over a steaming bowl of hot spaghetti noodles. Three-way, they top the two-way version with shredded cheese; four-way adds some chopped onion, and five-way means red kidney beans have been added to the spaghetti. Confused? Why not try Coney style, a vegetarian hot dog on a bun topped with mustard, chili, onions and cheese? First, the chili has to have a tad of chocolate to give it its characteristic taste.

With in hand, mouth-searing, tongue-teasing meals will explode from your kitchen, energizing and inspiring all those who share with you the most exciting dishes around.

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