Fiery Citrus Salsa Recipe

Fiery Citrus Salsa Recipes

Ingredients :

1 orange

1 green apple

2 fresh red chilies, halved and seeded

1 garlic clove

8 fresh mint leaves

juice of 1 lemon

salt and ground black pepper

Method :

Slice the bottom off the orange so that it stands firmly on a chopping board. Using a large sharp knife, remove the peel by slicing from the top to the bottom of the orange. Hold the orange in one hand over a bowl. Slice towards the middle of the fruit, to one side of a segment, and then gently twist the knife to ease the segment away from the membrane and out of the orange. Repeat to remove all the segments. Squeeze any juice from the remaining membrane. Peel the apple, slice it into wedges and remove the core. Place the chilies in a blender or food processor with the orange segments and juice, apple wedges, garlic and mint. Process until smooth, then, with the motor running, pour in the lemon juice. Season, pour into a bowl or small jug and serve immediately.

Serves 4

This very unusual salsa makes a fantastic marinade for all kinds of shellfish and it is also delicious when drizzled over freshly barbecued meat.

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