Baked or Grilled Spiced Whole Fish Recipe

Baked or Grilled Spiced Whole Fish Recipes

Ingredients :

2.25lb bream, carp or pomfret, cleaned and scaled if necessary

1 fresh red chili, seeded and ground, or 1 tsp chopped chili from a jar

4 garlic cloves, crushed

1 inch fresh root ginger, peeled and sliced

4 spring onions, chopped

juice of 1/2 lemon

2 tbsp sunflower oil


Method :

Rinse the fish and dry it well inside and out with absorbent kitchen paper. Slash two or three times through the fleshy part on each side of the fish. Place the chili, garlic, ginger and spring onions in a food processor and blend to a paste, or grind the mixture together with a pestle and mortar. Add the lemon juice and salt, then stir in the oil. Spoon a little of the mixture inside the fish and pour the rest over the top. Turn the fish to coat it completely in the spice mixture and leave to marinate for at least an hour.

Preheat the grill. Place a long strip of double foil under the fish to support it and to make turning it over easier. Put on a rack in a grill pan and cook under the hot grill for 5 minutes on one side and 8 minutes on the second side, basting with the marinade during cooking. Serve with boiled rice.

Serves 6

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