Anaheim Chilies with Goats' Cheese and Black Pepper Recipe

Anaheim Chilies with Goats' Cheese and Black Pepper Recipes

Believe it or not these chilies are actually not that much hotter than the average green pepper, and they take on a lovely sweet, charred flavor when they are cooked, much as a pepper would.

Ingredients :

8 large anaheim chilies

100-175g (4-6 oz) soft goats' cheese

salt and freshly ground black pepper

1/2 tbsp olive oil

green salad and brown bread, to serve

Method :

Put the chilies under a hot grill or over medium-hot coals on the barbie for 10-15 minutes, turning now and then, until the skin has blistered and charred and the flesh is just soft. Remove and leave to cool slightly, then carefully scrape off the skin with a small, sharp knife.

Make a cut lengthways down one side of each chili and scoop out the seeds and the membranes with a teaspoon.

Spread a couple of tablespoons of the cheese into the centre of each one, add a good grind of black pepper, and then push them back into shape.

Brush the outside of the chilies with a little oil, season well with salt and pepper and then place them back under a hot grill on the barbie for about 4-5 minutes, turning occasionally, until they are heated through and the cheese has started to melt. Serve straight away with a green salad and some delicious brown bread.

Serves 4

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