White Chicken Curry Recipe

White Chicken Curry Recipes

Ingredients :

3 tbsp vegetable oil

2 onions, thinly sliced

8 long green chilies, thinly sliced lengthways

2.5cm (1 inch) piece of fresh root ginger, peeled and thinly sliced

1 tsp salt

75g (3 oz) creamed coconut, melted in 450ml (3/4 pint) hot water

4 skinless chicken thighs and 4 chicken legs

3 tbsp lime juice

Method :

Heat the oil in a saucepan. Add the onions and fry gently for 3 minutes, but do not let them color. Add the chilies, ginger and salt. Stir well, then pour in the coconut mixture.

Add the chicken and simmer gently for 30 minutes, or until cooked through. Stir occasionally and if there is any hint of the sauce catching, add a little water.

When ready, remove from the heat, stir in the lime juice and serve immediately.

Serves 4

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