Dessert Recipes

Desserts (Hot Spicy) Recipes

Warm spices, such as nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon and cardamom, are added to fresh fruit salads, ice creams, pastries, hot puddings and cakes. The selection ranges from Fresh Pineapple with Ginger to wickedly sweet spicy Baklava, from Cinnamon Rolls to Caribbean Fruit and Rum Cake with an Egyptian version of Spiced Bread Pudding and delicious spicy Caramel Rice Pudding.

  1. Apple and Cinnamon Crumble Cake

  2. Baklava

  3. Brandy Butter Sauce

  4. Caramel Rice Pudding

  5. Cherry Syllabub

  6. Chili Cheese Biscuits

  7. Chili Corn Bread

  8. Chilies Rellenos Bake

  9. Cinnamon Balls

  10. Cinnamon Rolls

  11. Coconut Ice Cream

  12. Conqueror Curry Pie

  13. Date and Nut Pastries

  14. Desert Nachos

  15. Fresh Pineapple with Ginger

  16. Hot Bananas with Rum and Raisins

  17. Mango Ice Cream

  18. Orange Spice Juice Fizz

  19. Peach Kuchen

  20. Persimmon Spice Muffins

  21. Red Fruit Cup

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  1. Sandwich with Spice Red Pepper Puree, Cucumbers and Greens

  2. Spiced Blueberry Jam

  3. Spiced Bread Pudding

  4. Spiced Date and Walnut Cake

  5. Spicy Baked Apples

  6. Spicy Carrot and Rice Loaf

  7. Spicy Ginger Bundt Cake

  8. Spicy Noodle Pudding

  9. Stone Fruits with Cinnamon Toast

  10. Upside Down Apple Tart


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