What is the Basic Ingredients for Curry Recipes

What is the Basic Ingredients for Curry Recipes

As you begin to work your way through some of the delicious dishes over the following recipes in www.hot-spicy-recipes.com you will probably notice that many of the same ingredients pop up in different recipes. This is because the base of many curry recipes is centred on a few key ingredients, with the unique flavor of each dish being built up around this base. Listed here are some of the most-used ingredients for curry recipes.

Chilies - The smaller they are, the hotter the flavor, and many recipes will call for specific types or colors of chili. This is where much of the heat in curries comes from, but it is the careful blend of chilies with other spices that creates the individual character of each dish.

Coriander - Fragrant, delicate and distinctive, this herbs is synonymous with curries and is often used as a garnish.

Cumin - The seeds are often dry-fried first to release their aroma. You will find them in many recipes from across Asia.

Balachaung - A hot Burmese condiment made from deep-fried shallots, garlic, chilies and dried shrimps.

Fennel - As well as being used in main dishes, fennel seeds, which have a subtle aniseed flavor, can also be eaten after a meal to aid digestion.

Garlic - It is no exaggeration to state that you will find garlic listed as an ingredient in most curry recipes. As well as the obvious flavor factor, garlic has many positive healthy benefits, such as acting as a mild antibiotic and helping to stave off winter colds and flu.

Ginger - This aromatic root has a distinctive flavor and is commonly used in all South and Southeast Asian cuisines. It also has a number of health benefits, the most well known of which is its anti-nausea properties.

Onion - Another ingredient that is found in most curry recipes, onions add texture and flavor to the food. Many recipes start by frying chopped onion, to which a variety of spices are added.

Turmeric - Another fragrant root, turmeric is used to add flavor to dishes but it's the vibrant yellow-orange color that really makes it such a popular inclusion in so many recipes.

Asafoetida Powder - This powder is formed from the sap of the plant. It produces a subtle, oniony flavor when stirred into sauces. Store in an airtight container and use only in small quantities.

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