History of Tabasco - Red Hot Chili Pepper Sauce

History of Tabasco - Red Hot Chili Pepper Sauce

What do Britain's Queen Mum, former USA president George Bush, Paul Newman and Madonna have in common ? If lacking of a witty answer, let us spare you the trouble. They all share a common love for McIlhenny's Tabasco Pepper Sauce. Ta-da!.

So, what's so special about Tabasco pepper sauce, you may ask. Well, for starters, the sauces has been around for the last 125 years. It was first concocted as a result of an experiment by Edmund McIlhenny in the 1860s, on Avery Island, America. McIlhenny began to develop the sauce by crushing the ripest and reddest peppers, mixing it with the local Avery salt and aged the concoction for 30 days. Then, he added the best French wine vinegar and hand-stirred it at intervals to properly blend the flavor.

Today, the sauce-making process remains much the same, although the and-stirring bit has thankfully been left to sophisticated machines. The family business is now headed by Ned Simmons, the maternal great-grandson of Edmund McIlhenny, who has continued the family's tradition of personal involvement in growing and harvesting the peppers.

The sauce, by the way, is named 'Tabasco', which is indigenous to the native Indians of Mexico's central highlands where the pepper originated, meaning 'land where the soil is hot and humid'. Today, Tabasco sauce is known for its remarkable flavor difference. And as it has no additives whatsoever, it is also a healthy substitute for salt and white or black pepper.

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