Different Types of Mustard Sauce

Different Types of Mustard Sauce

Mustard 101 ? There are American, Dijon, Chinese, Jamaican, Bahamian mustard .. how to differentiate the different types of Mustard sauce ?

Mustards: Mustard comes in a variety of flavors and textures. Its white, brown, or black seeds can be used to make spreads that can be used instead of spreads that contain higher amounts of fat and perhaps cholesterol. Mustards can also be used in dressings and sauces for extra flavor, as a thickening agent, and as an emulsifier. You can find them seasoned with herbs and spices, aromatic vegetables such as onions or garlic, and with other agents like honey or various wines.

The bright yellow "American" mustard is the easiest to find, but it is well worth the effort to find some of the others. "Dijon" mustard is also readily available, and its mild flavor is less likely to overwhelm the flavor of your sauce than some of the other mustards. "Chinese" mustard, because of its fiery heat, can be a real shocker for the uninitiated.

You can purchase the powder yourself, mix it with cold water, and then use it in your dipping sauces. Some will find the "Jamaican" and "Bahamian" mustard-based sauces only slightly less "hot". All of these ethnic varieties can be found in stores catering to these populations. Keep in mind that mustards can be high in sodium and a few contain eggs, so read the labels carefully.

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