Different Types of Chilies

Different Types of Chilies

The following are just a few of the many different types of chilies.

Ancho - These are dried poblano chilies. They are mild and quite sweet.

Bird's Eye - These chilies are so hot that they taste explosive to the uninitiated. They can be green, red or orange in color.

Cascabel - Round, dried cascabel chilies rattle when they are shaken.

Chipotle - The dried, smoked versions of jalapeno chilies, chipotle chilies give an intense heat to soups and stews.

Guajillo - Fairly mild in flavor, and very good with most seafood.

Habanero - Also known as Scotch Bonnets, these chilies are extremely hot. They are used in Caribbean jerk sauces.

Indian - Small and very hot, these are widely used in curry dishes.

Jalapeno - Available green or red, fresh or pickled, jalapeno are hot and are used in traditional Mexican tamales, salsas and sauces.

Nyora - A dried, lightly-smoked Spanish chili with a sweet, fruity flavor, this is good in mild salsas, soups and stews.

Poblano - Initially green, these large, mild chilies ripen to a dark red. They are often used for stuffing, notably in the Mexican dish Chilies Rellenos.

Serrano - These small chilies are fairly hot with a clean, biting flavor and are used in cooked dishes. They change from green to red as they ripen.

Thai - These tiny chilies are fairly hot and are used in authentic red and green Thai curry pastes and salads.

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