Different Types of Chili Products

Different Types of Chili Products

A range of flavoring ingredients (products) are based on chilies.

Cayenne Pepper - This finely ground powder, made from a variety of red chili, is extremely hot and is used in tiny amounts as a seasoning, for example in egg and cheese dishes.

Chili Powder - Milder than cayenne and more coarsely ground, this is prepared from a variety of mild to hot chilies. Some brands also contain other flavorings, such as cumin and oregano - added for convenience in the preparation of dishes such as chili corn sauce.

Dried Chili Flakes - These contain both the flesh and seeds of red chilies and can be used in their own right to pep up cooked dishes or as a substitute if fresh chilies are unobtainable.

Chili Oil - This is excellent for frying, or for basting meat or fish for barbecuing.

Chili Paste - Ready-made chili paste is sold in small jars. It is also easy to prepare at home from fresh chilies using a food processor and can be stored in the fridge for 1 week or for 6 months in the freezer.

Chili Sauce - The best-known chili sauce is probably Tabasco, which is made from extremely hot chilies mixed with salt and vinegar, then matured for several years. Chili sauce is widely used in small quantities for seasoning dishes.

How to Choose Chilies ?

- Fresh chilies should be firm, glossy and evenly colored. Avoid musty, soft or wrinkled chilies.

- It is a good idea to buy dried chilies in transparent packaging, so that you can see the quality of the product at a glance.

- Dried chili flakes and ground chilies should have a good aroma and color. Buy them in small quantities and date the packaging so that you do not keep them too long.

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